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July 24, 2018 - Need charts? I can help! Over many years of working as a sideman in various groups, I have consistently observed an acute need for accurate, readable sheet music on gigs. Many times, the rhythm section valiantly muddles through, with varying success. But often, I have stepped in to create charts in these situations, leading to much smoother performances and happier bandmates. Now, I am making my chart writing services available to everyone via Internet, at very reasonable rates! Please see the Charts section of this site for details, and feel free to contact me about your needs. I would love to help! 

Dec 14, 2017 - Happy holidays! As I race toward the finish line of 2017, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the support of so many friends and family. Gigs have been bountiful, my students continue to inspire me, and I have had the chance to spend lots of quality time with my family this year. A few professional highlights include playing at Wolf Trap and the US Supreme Court; and recording bass for Jessie Cooper, Ghost of Wood, and the Futility Closet podcast. Also, on a personal level, my trips to Europe and NYC, and volunteering in the meteorite division at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History were equally rewarding. I even got to combine my passions for music and space science on a gig at the Air and Space Museum! I hope you have had a great year, and I look forward to seeing you, online or in person, in 2018. Cheers!

2017.10 DR at NASM

July 30, 2017 - I apologize for my recent lack of site updates. It’s not for lack of news to report! On the contrary, I’m very grateful to report that this has been one of my busiest and most rewarding years to date, thanks to the support of so many wonderful friends all over the world. Quick summary of highlights: several albums that I played bass on have been released in the past year, including a top selling album of beautiful latin ballads by Carlos Duron; my own original music continues to be featured on the Futility Closet podcast; I’ve kept a full schedule of gigs with Marquise, Daryl Davis, Seth Kibel, my own jazz trio Cordial Affair, and many others; I played bass on the official 2017 “Let’s Go Dodgers” stadium intro; and I’m now teaching piano, bass, and guitar for Winterhalter Music. Thank you so much for your support of my musical activities, and please send me a friend request on Facebook for the most timely updates on what I’m up to.

May 16, 2016 - The spring gig season is now in full gear, with many upcoming performances with the Marquise and Harikaraoke bands, as well as a very special concert next Monday, May 23rd, in the beautiful concert hall at Strathmore in Bethesda, playing with the Interplay Orchestra. This is bound to be a very inspiring event. Two other new projects I am proud to announce are the formation of my new jazz trio with old friends Wes Crawford and Steve Long, as well as the re-formation of my old jazz fusion group, Take 5, featuring all original members Jaared Arosemena, Barney Charlon, Steve Long, Raice McLeod, and myself. Our first performance together in 23 years(!) at Music Cafe in April went so well, they asked us back on July 22. Please come out to listen!

2016 Take 5

Jan 11, 2016 - Happy New Year! It has been really fun reconnecting with the vibrant DC music scene. I have already had the privilege of performing with some of the area’s finest musicians, including Steve Herberman, Paul Bangser, Fred Hughes, Ro Cube, and the Harikaraoke band, among others. And as of this week, I have officially joined premier private event band Marquise. I am super excited and looking forward to a full schedule of upcoming gigs with this great band, including the 2016 Wolf Trap Ball gala event at the Filene Center!

Sep 25, 2015 - The past month has been a whirlwind of poignant reunions and farewells. Twenty years after leaving the Washington DC area, I have come full circle and returned here to be closer to my family. It was not easy saying goodbye to all my treasured friends in SoCal and students at LA College of Music, though the welcome I have received from my old DC compadres has been truly heartwarming. I have been having a ball, playing again with many folks I hadn’t seen in ages. Here is a pic from a recent Zydeco Crayz gig with my old buddy Trent Van Blaricom. It’s good to be back!

2015.09 Trent Vanblaricom  & DR

May 8, 2015 - It’s been 27 years (yikes!) since I had the privilege of studying with master bassist Gary Willis. What a hoot to see him again during his recent master class at LA College of Music. Here we are with my benevolent bass department boss, Mr. Jerry Watts. Esteemed company!

2015.01 DR Gary Willis & Jerry Watts


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