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I offer private bass guitar, music theory, and piano instruction in the convenience of your own home within the local Mongomery County, Maryland area. For over twenty years, I have been teaching students of all levels, both privately and in classroom situations. Personalized lessons within a 10 mile radius of Rockville are $60 per hour.  Please feel free to call or email me for a no obligation consultation about private instruction. Live internet lessons via Skype or Google Hang can also be arranged for anyone outside the area. See the free sample lessons and testimonials from some of my former students below.

Doug Ross 323-665-9488

Doug & FSM Bass students 2002

"Doug is a great teacher that I'll gladly drive 45 minutes to visit.  His experience as a gigging professional bass player means that I get the no nonsense techniques to develop tasty licks.  I recommend that aspiring bass players take a lesson from Doug as soon as possible.  That's a call to action!  GET A LESSON NOW!" -MS

"Doug is a great bass instructor. I have no music background and he made me feel comfortable. He was patient and he made it really fun to learn to play." -Ellen R

"If you are serious about becoming a better bass player I would highly recommend Doug Ross.  Working with Doug has made learning the bass an incredibly fun experience, while at the same time he has continually challenged me to become a better player.  No matter what your current level of experience, Doug can not only improve your playing, but also help you see the bass in new creative ways." -Reed B

2003 Day Jams sm

The following lessons are free for private individual use only; please support their continuation by considering a purchase from my online store.


Bass Guitar Basic Technique

How to Tune a Bass Guitar

Note Names on the Bass Guitar Fingerboard

Blues Bass and the Major Pentatonic Scale

Minor Pentatonic Scale and Blues Scale on the Bass

Practice Tips for Bassists

Intro to Major Scale Harmony for Bass

Hearing Major Scale Intervals on Bass


Chord Voicings for Bass Pt. 1

Chord Voicings for Bass Pt. 2

Tritone Chord Substitution in Bass Lines

Constructing Bass Lines from Chord Symbols Pt. 1

Constructing Bass Lines from Chord Symbols Pt. 2

Chord Extensions Applied to Bass

Video Lessons

Open String Exercise

Random Groove Exercise

Learning Harmonics on Bass Guitar

Control Knob Settings on Bass

Right Hand Positions on Bass

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