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Hire Doug via internet to play bass on your next project!

After years of going from studio to studio for various sessions, in 2006 I finally built my own home studio for the purpose of recording my solo album. I've been having a great time ever since, doing bass tracks online here at Curry House for recording projects with artists all over the world. In fact, coming up with the best bass part for an original song is my favorite thing to do!

2015.08 Doug studio sm

Sample Tracks

Who's the Boss

Flower Song



Nearness of You


Here's how it works. You or your engineer send me an mp3 or other audio file of your song, along with any charts or written instructions you may have. We can also discuss  what kind of bass line you want over the telephone or by email. Very soon thereafter (usually within a few days), I will get a bass line recorded and send back an mp3 of your song with my playing on it for your approval. At that point, you can make any suggestions or request any changes, or you can approve the line as it is.  One free revision is included in the price. Once you are satisfied with the final bass line, you can send payment to me via PayPal (credit cards accepted), and I will then transfer the high quality WAV or AIFF files to you or your engineer via the free file transfer site or It's that simple! Since I engineer the bass recordings myself, there is no need to pay extra for expensive studio time or engineer fees.

Here are my current rates:

$100 per song (one free revision included if needed)

$60 per additional take after first revision

Discount rates available for 5 or more songs

Chart writing services also available

All rates are quoted in US dollars (PayPal automatically handles currency conversions at favorable rates). I am also happy to refer songwriters to great drummers, guitarists, keyboardists, horn players, singers and other musicians who are available online to help you complete your project at competitive rates. Please don't hesitate to contact me for a free consultation about bass tracks for your project.


"WOW Doug this is awesome - man dude you are so talented it is scary :) I wish you lived here I would love to be in a band with you. I truly appreciate your talents and you have taken my songs to new heights."

-songwriter Shawn Harris

"Douglas Ross is an excellent bass player, he is very dedicated and accurate with the details in the music. He is a true professional and I'm glad to have Douglas Ross as a friend and I've enjoyed the conversations we've had, since we both share the love for many of the same musical styles. He is, indeed, quite knowledgeable about these subjects."

-guitarist/composer Ronny Heimdal


Curry House features ProTools recording software, a killer T.C. electronic mic pre and a great variety of basses, amps and microphones for maximum tonal versatility.  I also have a Roland RD300GX keyboard with great synth bass sounds (yes, I do synth bass tracks, too!).

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Basses (L to R) Kydd 5 string electric upright bass, Alembic Europs, Tune Kingbass 5 string with Alembic electronics, Fretless Bass Maniac 5 string, Bass Maniac 4 string, 1972 Fender Precision/Jazz hybrid.

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